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First Post Of The Year! WOW! New Time Hero Artwork!

A new Super Hero Clock update and some other generic updates. Good news of course. It's crazy how I don't post for over a year and fans think I'm not doing what I do anymore or disappeared (from the web)... and then I post something ag...

Created on July 19, 2021

When I Thought COPPA Was Bad Enough, There's CORONAVIRUS... Current Project Updates and... I'm On Twitch Now!

Some more non-SHC quick updates... But nothing negative in particular... You guys haven't heard from me in a while, yes I know, but rest assured, I'm ok despite what's going on throughout the entire world right now. COVID-19,...

Created on April 13, 2020

Some Quick Updates On Current Project Status And Lunar New Year!

Some non-SHC quick updates... Hey guys! Just a quick update blog here. I'm still working on the Detective Pikachu fan animation. If you guys have been following me on Twitter, you'll...

Created on January 26, 2020

Wow... It's Been A While... SHC Episodes 3 And 4 And 500k Subs Special Video!

Posting after a long while. Super Hero Clock episode 3 and 4 story has been written and Jess the Dragoon announces a 500k subscriber special animation video! Like the title says, WOWwww.... Sure has been a while since I posted ANYTHING here and elsewhere. I was really REALLY busy. Here's what's been going on....

Created on September 14, 2019

The Super Hero Clock Story And Pusheen's Valentine

Another non-SHC video before continuing the Super Hero Clock story. A Pusheen Valentine's day special. After the HTTYD anime video I was really looking forward and excited about con...

Created on February 20, 2019

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