About Super Hero Clock

Posted on November 10, 2013

The Creator and Animator

Super Hero Clock was created by Jess the Dragoon, a flash animator and digital graphics artist. She is mostly known for being a flash animator on the internet animating in different styles. Her main style of animation is anime.

Besides this original creation, she has done many other flash animations like Reblammed, Madness Manufactory, Jack's Halloween Treats, Marc Maron: The Social Media Generation Animated, Genderbend Frozen Let It Go and many more.


How it all started...

Way back in the early 2000's Jess came across a website called Newgrounds. It was one of the first sites that hosted flash games and movies. As a result it became one of the most popular websites on the internet and many creators submitted flash content to it. Communities started to form there and one of the earliest was a group called the Clock Crew.

The Clock Crew were a bunch of characters made by attaching a typical clock icon on fruits, vegetables and mundane objects. The characters were then brought to live by simple animations and voiced with Speakonia. The most well-known Clock Crew character is the Strawberry Clock.

The Clock Crew and its animations were so prominent and somewhat infamous on Newgrounds back in the days that there was a "Clock Day". Seeing this gave Jess the idea of coming up with something for a flash movie for Clock Day to fetch views on Newgrounds. Something related but not as goofy as how the Clock Crew characters usually were. So instead of putting clocks on inanimate objects, Jess made a character of a human wearing the clock... and where else cooler to wear it if not on the chest.

Jess didn't really know what to call it at first. "Human Clock" didn't really sound right and neither did "Man Clock". If he were to be the main character of the flash movie he would be called "Hero Clock". Furthermore, Jess figured that the flash movie would be more interesting if the hero had powers like a superhero.

In the end, Jess thought that being Clock Crew-related would be good, publicity wise, and at the same time if it were about a superhero, it would be awesome. And thus, Super Hero Clock was created. The first Super Hero Clock was a short flash movie that was published on Newgrounds and Youtube in conjunction with Clock Day in August 2007

Click here to watch flash version on Newgrounds.

The Series Concept

The first Super Hero Clock animation, received overall good feedback. A lot of people wanted to see what happened next or a sequel of some sort. Due to positive reception, Jess decided to continue with the a series.

The whole concept of Super Hero Clock series, as could be told from the name itself, is about a superhero who obviously has time-related powers (or mistaken for just another Clock Crew flash). But unlike the usual guy-gets-powers-becomes-superhero-straight-away-then-faces-random-villain story, the superhero's powers are more of a mystery for the hero and partly drives the plot of the story. The series also shows the concept of technology throughout the passing of time, dimensions and time-space manipulation. All in all, it is going to be a show about sci-fi in contemporary.

But as superhero shows got to have what superhero shows got to have, there will still be crime fighting, villainy, damsels in distress, good versus evil and superhero action.