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Just Wrapped Up SHC Episode 2 And Created A Goal In Patreon!

After two Pokemon GO Pokerap videos, four Dojo Duel Tournament animation entries, some "Overwatch time" and a little bit of slack, Super Hero Clock episode 2 is finally done! If those 6 videos were SHC episode parts, we would have more than 3 episodes of SHC now would we? But hey, life doesn't really let you do what you want.

Anyway, SHC episode 2 finale is now out on Patreon and episode 2 part 4 is sent out to SHC Fan Club members so be sure to check your inboxes and spam emails. I've also updated my Patreon page with a goal. The goal states that if I can get $500 per animation, I will find a better place to live and work on my animations. I think it's not an ambitious goal, but rather a reasonable one. If I can collect more funds, I can improve my working environment thus reducing the probability of falling ill and speeding up work progress.

So now that episode 2 is done, I'm not gonna jump straight into animating episode 3 because I have to write the story first. And while I work on the story, I might put up some other short animations to Youtube to at least make my channel NOT DEAD for the rest of this year. But of course, I really do hope I can finish writing the story fast and begin episode 3 production. We are down 2 episodes so another one shouldn't be that freakishly overwhelming anymore. Right?

What better way to wrap up work then with a weekend of World Cup football, sleep and fresh air? Welp, enjoy the finals! ;)

SHC Episode 2 Part 4 Is Out On Patreon And Part 3 For SHC Fan Club Members!

Super Hero Clock episode 2 part 3 and 4 are out now!  Wow it's really hard to blog-post these days! There's hardly any spare time for me to type updates and stuff here while dealing with animation work and a whole bunch of sh*t problems in life. But anyway, if you are a Patreon, SHC episode 2 part 4 is already done! And if you are an SHC Fan Club member, you should have already received the link to watch episo...

Created on 2018-04-12 01:09:48

Kicking Off The New Year With SHC Episode 2 Part 4 Production!

Super Hero Clock episode 2 part 4 production starts. Happy New Year.... well half of January is almost gone but anyways, I've started working on SHC episode 2 part 4! Actually character animation was already done in December last year in between playing Overwatch and rest. After New Year's day, I jumped straight into compositing the scenes and shots. About 10 days later, which is right before the time of typing this post, all the scene compositions are done! Next up will...

Created on 2018-01-13 01:05:21

Winning The Animation Tournament, Time Havoc And Rest Is Next

I won the Hyun's Dojo Duel 2017 animation tournament! And have lots of catching up to do after that. After all the pain, blood and sweat "dueling" in this year's Hyun's Dojo Duel Animation Tournament, I finally won! My duelist, Time Havoc is officially the champion and he is now part of Hyun's Dojo lore as a wanted criminal. This was what the Dojo committee told me after the results were announced. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? If you guys have been wondering, Time Havoc and Tick Bender are two different in...

Created on 2017-11-11 02:25:03