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SHC Episode 2 Part 2 Is Done. Finally. Part 1 Now Watchable Here!

Night Shift part 2 is done but I'm just gonna give a quick update. It was supposed to be done at the end of August or latest, beginning of September but the progress got dragged till October because there has been a lot going on that I could not avoid. And then there is this Pokemon GO video that I have to do before I start working on part 3. I don't feel like doing it but after much thinking, I have to do it. So I gotta hurry up. Somehow.
Anyway, if you are one of my Patrons or in the SHC Fan Club, you should be able to watch episode 2 part 2. Part 1 is now watchable on this website. Be sure to check the episodes page.
Welp, back to work... *sigh*

Episode 2 Part 2 Screenshots! Thoughts About Pokemon GO And Making A Video About It

Some Super Hero Clock episode 2 part 2 screenshots with backgrounds and my thoughts about Pokemon GO. August was the Olympics. September is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Which means.... MOONCAKES!!! But anyway, I expected that I could finish part 2 in August (in a month) but I spent time watching the Olympics and at the end of August, I ran into a problem with the background. It's all fixed now and below are some screenshots! There are still a few more backgrounds to work on and after that I'll proceed with shading...

Created on 2016-09-10 07:39:10

Did You Miss Out On Episode 2 Part 1? Part 2 Is Now Underway!

Working on Episode 2 part 2! So episode 2 part 1 is done and watchable. Now working on part 2! This part is rather short and animation work is already at the last scene of that part. Since the Olympics games have started, I can watch it while doing my animation stuff! Yay! Maybe even do a couple other things alongside. Also, the Super Hero Clock Fan Club ...

Created on 2016-08-07 01:27:17

Super Hero Clock Fan Club! Join NOW!

Join the SHC Fan Club to catch new Super Hero Clock episodes and more! Watch new episode before anyone else! Introducing the Super Hero Clock Fan Club! Well basically it's a simple free membership thing. Nothing too complicated. There's no age limit or crappy terms to join. As long as you have an active email that you check often, you're able to join. If you join the club, I will personally send you links to new episodes, upda...

Created on 2016-07-20 07:14:13