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Introducing the Super Hero Clock Fan Club! Well basically it's a simple free membership thing. Nothing too complicated. There's no age limit or crappy terms to join. As long as you have an active email that you check often, you're able to join. If you join the club, I will personally send you links to new episodes, updates and other stuff through email right into your inbox (that is if it doesn't land in spam). Therefore, you will not miss anymore new episode parts in the future and get to watch them before anyone else (including Youtube).

But you might be thinking "I've already subscribed to your Youtube channel. Why do I need to join this club?" Here's why. When I released episode 1 part 5 a few months back, a lot of SHC fans were not notified even though they were subscribed to my channel. Some of them were only notified a month or so later. Hence, I figured Youtube subscriber notification isn't that reliable anyway so I thought instead of relying on Youtube to do the job, I should set up my own notification system for the Super Hero Clock fans out there.

It's easy to join. Just click the button which says "SHC FAN CLUB" on the top menu of this website, fill up the form and click the "JOIN NOW!" button and then you'll receive a confirmation email. Click on the button in the confirmation email and you're officially a member of the club! Be sure to check your junk mail folder though if you don't see your confirmation email.
But for those fans out there whose Youtube notifications have always worked out, joining the SHC Fan Club would be a plus because besides getting notifications about new SHC episode videos, I'll also send out updates and news about production progress and stuff.
Join the SHC Fan Club now and when episode 2 part 1 is done, I'll email to letcha'll know! :)
Also, here's a short clip of episode 2 part 1:

Quick SHC Progress Update! Any Background Artists Out There?

A quick update on Super Hero Clock episode 2 and still open to hire background artists! The audition for Vice, the episode 2 villain, is closed. Moving on, I'm still open to hire background artist, preferably those who use Adobe Fireworks. If you use Photoshop, you are also welcome to apply. The kind and style of backgrounds preferred is pictured below. It is also required that you are always available on Skype and answers promptly. So anyone interested just email your past work/portfolio/art to j...

Created on 2016-05-31 01:25:09

Episode 2 Part 1 Backgrounds DONE!! Need A Voice For Villain And Hiring Artists For Future Backgrounds

Working on episode 2 part 1! Hiring background artists for future backgrounds and needing a voice for episode 2 villain character. Episode 1 is officially done and now episode 2 part 1 is in the works! The backgrounds are practically all done and it looks like I've finished more than 50% of part 1. 53-ish backgrounds in about 3 weeks. There are going to be more backgrounds from this point onwards so I'm willing to hire/commission any good background artist out there who want to help. Requirements are you must be good at Adobe Fireworks or Phot...

Created on 2016-05-16 02:15:20

Super Hero Clock Episode 1 Part 5 Is Out! And Episode 2 WIPs

Episode 1 : Time Hero (part 5) out now! Episode finale! With a theme song and after credits scene. Everything seems to have concluded for episode 1 in part 4 but no. There is a part 5. Watch it now: Super Hero Clock Episode 1: Time Hero (part 5) ...

Created on 2016-04-30 07:29:41