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Kicking Off The New Year With SHC Episode 2 Part 4 Production!

Happy New Year.... well half of January is almost gone but anyways, I've started working on SHC episode 2 part 4! Actually character animation was already done in December last year in between playing Overwatch and rest. After New Year's day, I jumped straight into compositing the scenes and shots. About 10 days later, which is right before the time of typing this post, all the scene compositions are done! Next up will be backgrounds... that might take a while.

Progress (I think) will be slow this year because the rest and time off after the tournament last year wasn't quite enough although it was a long and good one. I had a lot of catching up to do on things I missed throughout the tourney alongside some petty problems to take care of and of course ep2 part 4 character animation. My right hand still hurts and I'm currently working on the computer with my left hand. It's most likely RSI due to using the computer mouse too much. I could blame myself for over-playing Overwatch but then it could also be because I work on the computer too much. Speaking of my work, when March 2018 comes, it marks that I have been an animator for 10 years, not counting the one-year hiatus I had back in 2009... so that would be 10 years of muscle stress - something impossible to heal in just a couple of months.

This year is gonna be rough. While I have to rest more often, I'll try to at least finish up ep 2 part 4. Here are WIP screenshots. Nothing much but.. ya. Gonna go get some rest.
WIP screenshots

Winning The Animation Tournament, Time Havoc And Rest Is Next

I won the Hyun's Dojo Duel 2017 animation tournament! And have lots of catching up to do after that. After all the pain, blood and sweat "dueling" in this year's Hyun's Dojo Duel Animation Tournament, I finally won! My duelist, Time Havoc is officially the champion and he is now part of Hyun's Dojo lore as a wanted criminal. This was what the Dojo committee told me after the results were announced. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? If you guys have been wondering, Time Havoc and Tick Bender are two different in...

Created on 2017-11-11 02:25:03

Time Havoc VS Reinz - Dojo Duel Tournament 2017 Round 4 (FINAL ROUND) Entry!

Animation entry for Dojo Duel Tournament 2017 Round 4 (FINAL ROUND) - Time Havoc versus Reinz the lightning man. The final round of the Hyun's Dojo Animation Tournament is finally over. Judging will last about a week so I'm be eagerly waiting for the results now. Anyway, here's my entry. CAUTION: THERE WILL BE BLOOD... One again, Reinz was not created by me. He is the due...

Created on 2017-10-29 05:00:27

Time Havoc VS Arzon - Dojo Duel Tournament 2017 Round 3 Entry!

Animation entry for Dojo Duel Tournament 2017 Round 3 - Time Havoc versus Arzon the wind bender. EDIT: I completely forgot to make this post public on this website! So here it is after more than a month. I'll be posting up the final round entry soon. Hyun's Dojo Duel Tournament 2017 Round 3 is over aaaaaand here's my entry! If you guys are wondering who t...

Created on 2017-08-31 19:25:45