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Update On SHC Episode 1 Part 4 Progress With Screenshots!

STATUS CHECK: Let It Go videos - DONE, 100k Subs - ACHIEVED, Vlog about some announcement stuff - DONE, Youtube 100k Subscriber Silver Play Button Reward Animated Unboxing Video - DONE, Draw Against Time Finale - Eeehh... that can wait.

So now that the gritty bits are pretty much taken care off, I'm back working on Super Hero Clock Episode 1 part 4. If you guys have watched my vlog (listed above), you'd have probably been informed of the progress so far. But anyways, so far, the backgrounds, sound effects and even scoring (background music) is done! What is left now is the shading for the characters and video editing. After all that are done, part 4 will be complete! Once it's complete it will be put in line for release while waiting to hit the 150k subs subs milestone.

Right now the channel is at about 120k subs. I know you all must be disappointed to wait till I get another 30k more subs just to watch the next installment of SHC, right? But I have good reasons for that.

Subscriber-wise, all the subscribers my channel has considerably accumulated so far came from the Genderbend Let It Go videos and only a very small group of them came from SHC videos. Some of those who subscribed from watching the Let It Go videos might watch SHC as well but it is still hard to determine how many would now. I'm gauging it would be just a fair number of them but at least more than the number of people who watched SHC before the first Let It Go video was uploaded. Another thing is, unlike last time, I'm planning to do more SHC videos. For the first 3 parts, I uploaded them right after completing them but I didn't release them constantly and fans had to wait for quite a while to watch each video. The reason why SHC Episode 1 part 1, 2 and 3 were not constantly released was because of the amount of time I took to finish each video. I got other projects to do while working on SHC at that time and whenever I did, I had to put SHC production on hold. Focus always got shifted away from SHC production causing its progress to get dragged a lot.

So this time, I'm not going to release an SHC video right after I complete it. Instead, I'm going to keep it first, and move straight to making the next one, and repeat this process for as many SHC episode videos I can make until I reach 150k subs. Then when my channel hits that subscriber milestone, I will start to release the videos one by one hopefully in a more constant time frame so that fans don't have to wait too long for each SHC sequel video and can anticipate when each video will be available on my channel to watch. That said, I would focus as much as possible on SHC production and let it have more priority this time.

Now, 30k subs might seem like a long wait for the fans but for me, as the person making this series, it feels like I'm closing in on a time limit - like finishing a test paper in time in an exam. It's not a long way to go for me. In fact, it's rather too short a time. I made this decision to continue the series this way when I reached 100k subs way back around March. Now it is August and I have 120k subs.... and there is a part 5.

I'm not sure if you can imagine the anxiety, stress and adrenaline felt from even just the thought of it but whatever it feels like, I will try as hard as I can to make this work for Super Hero Clock, and for the fans.

150,000 subscribers. The race is ON.

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