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Wow... It's Been A While... SHC Episodes 3 And 4 And 500k Subs Special Video!

Like the title says, WOWwww.... Sure has been a while since I posted ANYTHING here and elsewhere. I was really REALLY busy. Here's what's been going on.

I was writing a lot of stuff, hence, doing a hell load of typing. First it was Super Hero Clock episode 3 and 4. That was way back in around May. Those are finished but that's just the story part of the episodes.

And then I realized that my Youtube channel was closing in on the 500,000-subscriber milestone so I decided to do a special animation for that. Now for this animation, the type of story wasn't really my cup of tea. So the writing (some more typing) part was quite a challenge. After weeks of cramping my brain on how to write that story, I finally finished it. Just so to NOT waste time, I jumped straight into drawing the storyboard for it after that. After about four weeks, the storyboard is done, which brings us to now. Here's that pile of storyboard:
That right there is 34 pages of storyboard for that 500k subs special animation. I'm aware that my channel subscriber count now is well over 500k and I COULD have jumped straight into the animating process but I thought it'd be fair that I posted some update here, so that you guys know what's going on and this website is not dead. About this special animation, I'm pretty excited and a little nervous about it. I'm not gonna say what it's about just to keep the element of surprise but I'll say one thing about it - it's also for Christmas. But if you've been following my posts on my Facebook pages and group, you might know one more thing about it.

Alright! As for Super Hero Clock, well, obviously like I mentioned above, only the story for episode 3 and 4 are done. It would be awkward to post screenshots for that because there's nothing but walls of text. So I decided to do a quick illustration of episode 3.
It's just quick art so pardon the messiness. This is probably not a precise depiction but... yeah. Do you all miss Richie?
Welp, that's all for now. Anything you wanna tell me or ask just drop'em in the comments below. I DO read comments and I MIGHT reply yours.
This 500k subs special is gonna be a loooong run. Wish me luck guys!

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