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Super Hero Clock Episode 1 Part 5 Is Out! And Episode 2 WIPs

Everything seems to have concluded for episode 1 in part 4 but no. There is a part 5. Watch it now: Super Hero Clock Episode 1: Time Hero (part 5)

Super Hero Clock ep1 p5

And YES SUPER HERO CLOCK DOES HAVE A THEME SONG. And be sure to wait for the an estra scene.

Episode 1 is finally officially over. Next up, episode 2! So far production for episode 2 part 1 has gone quite far. Here is a screenshot bundle of what there is so far. Follow SHC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more WIPs!

Super Hero Clock ep2 WIPs

150K Subscribers! - Super Hero Clock Episode 1 Continues!!! And Episode 2 Updates

Episode 1 : Time Hero (part 3) out now! The superhero faces the public while a new danger reveals... Jess the Dragoon Youtube Channel has finally reached 150,000 subscribers!! Yay!!! So first things first: Super Hero Clock Episode 1: Time Hero (part 4) ...

Created on 2016-02-27 05:57:21

Starting The New Year With Episode 2 And T-shirts Now On Sale!

Starting off the new year with Super Hero Clock episode 2 and t-shirt sales! Happy New Year everyone! And boy is this gonna be another long, year! (Well I know every year has the same number of days but... y'know what I mean) So, to kick off this 2016, the Super Hero Clock t-shirts are finally up on sale on Teespring! Just choose and click on the one you want to buy below! Price is $19.97 per shirt and there are a few colors to choose from besides black. Super Hero ...

Created on 2016-01-04 04:17:43

Not Even A Christmas Wish But Super Hero Clock Episode 1 Part 5 Is Complete!

Super Hero Clock episode 1 part 5 is complete just in time for this Christmas Holiday!! Let me start off with simple equations: SHC ep1 Part 5 complete = SHC ep1 complete SHC ep1 Part 5 = complete ∴ SHC episode 1 = complete Those actually sum up the main part of this post but anyway, Super Hero Clock episode 1 part 5 is done. And with that said, it also means episode 1, and I mean the whole of episode 1, is complete. I never imagined I'd actually finish a 2...

Created on 2015-12-22 06:04:35