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Time Havoc VS TG.108 - Dojo Duel Tournament Round 1 Entry!

The first round of the Dojo Duel Tournament is now closed. Here's my entry:
Now it's judgment time and until the results are announced, I have some time to spare. Maybe I could use it to finish up episode 2 part 3?

Yikes! Haven't Posted In Awhile! Some More Episode 2 Updates And Animation Tournament!

A post about updates and stuff after so many weeks. OMG Half of April is gone and I haven't posted a word about anything that's has been going on! It's because A LOT has been going on! Well, first of all, an update on episode 2 part 3 progress: I've finished the animation (like more than a month ago?), backgrounds, sound effects and even the scoring! Shading work is currently in progress. After that would be video editing and then episode 2 part 3 will be as...

Created on 2017-04-20 06:40:44

Quick Update! SHC Episode 2 Part 3 Raw Animation Almost Done!

Some more Super Hero Clock episode 2 part 3 work in progress. Quick update: About 6 weeks of the year is gone and now I'm almost done with part 3 raw animation. Just half a scene more to go and I'm off to making the backgrounds. OR I could go a little bit into part 4 animation before starting part 3 backgrounds. Till next time, here are some more WIPs: ...

Created on 2017-02-09 06:49:26

Super Hero Clock Ep2 Part 3 WIPs And SHC On Instagram!

Some Super Hero Clock episode 2 part 3 work in progress. After 3-ish weeks of work, I'm down to less than one scene left to animate for SHC episode 2 part 3. I could have done more but it's the Chinese New Year season and there's nothing but festive mood in the air. Although I'm considered one of those who celebrate it, personally, I'm not quite in the mood for that. I feel like going on with animation work but my family is celebrating and it's a holiday so I just tag alo...

Created on 2017-01-27 18:01:05