First Post Of The Year! WOW! New Time Hero Artwork!

Posted on July 19, 2021

It's crazy how I don't post for over a year and fans think I'm not doing what I do anymore or disappeared (from the web)... and then I post something again. Well, unlike other artists who post their work and WIPs regularly, I prefer to use my time to do my work. Aaand that said, I am currently past the most painstaking phases of production of my Detective Pikachu fan animation!! Yay!

Toward the end of those phases, I had some time to do some quick and simple Super Hero Clock artwork. Here's Time Hero springing into action!
Anyway, again, if you wanna get quick and faster updates you can follow me on Twitter @JessTheDragoon and enable Push Notifications for my twitter account so that you get notified straight away after I tweet something. I don't post often so you don't have to worry about being notified with tweets from me every few seconds.

Aaand that's pretty much it for now. Here's a WIP from my Detective Pikachu animation so far if you're curious. Imma head back to work. Working conditions are gonna be rough from here on so... wish me luck! ;)