When I Thought COPPA Was Bad Enough, There's CORONAVIRUS... Current Project Updates and... I'm On Twitch Now!

Posted on April 13, 2020

You guys haven't heard from me in a while, yes I know, but rest assured, I'm ok despite what's going on throughout the entire world right now. COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has forced people into confinement not knowing when life will be back to normal again. This quarantine life however, doesn't affect me much because well... as an indie animator and artist, I pretty much live life at home by default and I'm quite used to it. The only thing about that that affects me is I can't go out for walks or fresh air anymore when I need to clear my head. So trying to stay sane has become more challenging in that sense.

Work work work work werk werk WERK

If you guys have read my previous post or even the post before that, you'll know I've been working on this HUGE project about a talking Pikachu that claims itself as a great detective, which is the reason why Super Hero Clock is on hold. Again.

I started working on my Detective Pikachu fan animation September last year and so far, I've done over 15 minutes of its raw animation. At this point, I've only just past the middle of the whole animation. Since I work on it at home, the quarantine where I live shouldn't affect work progress and I can still carry on with the rest of the animation pretty much as usual - which is a good thing.

If you guys haven't noticed already, I've been trying to be more active on Twitter these days. I have posted WIP screenshots, GIFs and quick updates on this Detective Pikachu project there, which I don't post here. Of course, I tweet other random stuffs as well when I'm bored. Here's my Twitter if you wanna follow me there.
This quarantine though, HAS made me do one thing that I keep dilly-dally -ing about - streaming on Twitch. I always thought chances of me being able to hang out with internet friends (or maybe just online acquaintances) in real life was slim. But now, it is obvious that there is no chance for that to happen at all, even if quarantine is over. So I thought that the only way I could possibly get a "better social life" or just reach out to people is to do online streaming. Hence, I've set up my Twitch channel. It's still new and pretty much blank but I'll try my best to find some time to stream some stuff, which would mostly be games. I do speak in some streams so yea, maybe I could talk to you guys sometime! Feel free to follow me on Twitch!

Although the global lockdown due to this virus outbreak is not really a problem to me, I am aware that a lot you guys out there who are extroverts are having a hard time staying at home or staying sane at home or just trying to survive. Humanity is facing its hardest challenge yet. But as long as we keep our heads, we should be able to pull through. Be stronger, be smarter, and you'll be safe.
Take a deep breath, keep calm and stay focused... AND WORK