Still No SHC Stuff This Year BUT....

Posted on January 1, 2024

It's the new year, again. I know the fans are still waiting. I really hoped that I could start working on episode 3 in 2023 but then life just keeps me distant from Super Hero Clock with a shit ton of unnecessary problems. I was in the middle of a move and I had to tear down my workspace. My workspace is still not properly set up yet, there's a life's stock of stuff to unpack and sort out and amidst that hassle, my computer is dying.
But heck, I'm just gonna take a breather for a bit this new year's holiday time. GOD DAMN PROBLEMS, YOU JUST WAIT...
Aaanyway, with all those things going on, I thought I wasn't gonna be able to do any projects in 2023 and had to call it another hiatus year BUUUUT in December, I actually joined an animation collab and did some artwork - both featuring Time Havoc.
Time Havoc eating loop
Time Havoc looking like he's in a meat glitch
If you've been following this Super Hero Clock blog, you'll know Time Havoc from the time when I was in the Hyun's Dojo Duel Tournament back in 2017.
So the collab I joined is a Hyun's Dojo collab called "Watch Paint Dry" hosted by Hyun, the dojo master himself. In a nutshell, entrants will be asked to submit an animation sequence of a character's entrance into the scene and ends with a still or a looping animation showing the character looking at a wall that has been freshly painted. Sounds pretty simple right? The animation in the GIF above shows Time Havoc eating a chicken drumstick infinitely, but that's not the end looping animation. There is more to how he's gonna watch paint dry of course. Anyway according to Hyun, it's gonna be a looooong collab. Can't wait to see the whole video when it's done!
Also, during Christmas, the dojo had another art event called "Secret Santa". Basically, participants sign up with a prompt of what to draw and then when signups are closed, participants will receive a prompt from another participant. Throughout the time of the event, participants are not allowed to disclose who's prompt they received and what they are drawing.
The event is over now. All the secret santas have been announced. The "secret santa" who did my prompt was red_back_.
Time Havoc artwork done by red_back_
My prompt was Time Havoc walking away leaving behind a bunch of dead stickmen in a blood-stained snow-covered area.
Didn't turn out as I pictured it but I think red_back_ had a more awesome depiction. It brings out Time Havoc's true character and darkness.
As for me, the prompt that I got was to draw a robot doing the family guy death pose and a monster petting a cat. I think I was quite lucky to get this prompt because I was able to fit Time Havoc in the artwork.
Secret Santa artwork featuring Time Havoc
Time Havoc actually fits in this prompt well!
If you happen to be a member of Hyun's Dojo Discord community, you'll understand why it's a purple robot with a rainbow-colored party hat. It was quite fun working on this artwork.
So can I say Super Hero Clock this year is about Time Havoc kicking ass in the snow and then going on to watch paint dry? LOL
Anyway, Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year guys!