LUCIO MAN X - Another Sidetrack Animation Done!

Posted on November 10, 2022

It's another no-show-ish year for Super Hero Clock again because, as usual, I was working on a sidetrack animation. Again. This time, it's called "Lucio Man X".

Lucio has an animated short now.

If you guys are familiar with the sequences in this animation, you will be able to tell it's an Overwatch-Mega Man X crossover. I know everyone loves Mega Man X (including myself) but Overwatch... ehh... well reception is quite polarized? I'd say? But anyway, doesn't the Mega Man X characters' stereotypes match the Overwatch characters' stereotypes really well? Honestly, I think Overwatch could have been Lucio's game. And that if Overwatch had its own cartoon series, it would look like this anime. But that's just my thoughts. Although, it looks like the perfect fit in terms of crossover, the catch to it is there are hardly any gamers that love both games equally.

Now that that is done and set aside, I hope that it's the last sidetrack animation that I've gone through. I'm going back to Super Hero Clock after this. It's been too long now. It might take me awhile because it's been helluva rough year and there are still 2 months to go. Welp, till next time, happy holidays in advance!