Super Hero Clock Fanart Time!

Posted on July 1, 2024

I keep posting about SHC stuff from me but I decided I should do something different this time. So this time, I'll be posting SHC stuff from YOU!
As the title says it, this post will feature all the Super Hero Clock artwork done by fans (that I can find) out there! Starting with the oldest ones I can find which are done by VulcanEnki on DeviantArt.

SHC fanart by VulcanEnki
Since Super Hero Clock was a Newgrounds thing back in the day some fanart can also be found on Newgrounds. Here are some which are proly as old as VulcanEnki's. This one is by TheUnseriousguy on Newgrounds.

SHC fanart by TheUnseriousguy
And these are by Manuel-Dangelo

SHC fanart by Manuel-Dangelo
Of course there are a few random ones scattered on the internet. I can remember a few of them but when I went back to where I found them, some of them are gone. Well things get lost over time sometimes. So here are the ones I managed to find.

SHC fanart by ToraSayo

Tick Bender fanart by Nakiknt whom I believe is also NakiEidoh
This one's actually really cool and pretty clever I'd say - A banner poster of a Super Hero Clock live-action feature film!

Super Hero Clock live-action feature film movie banner poster concept made by Rakusa

Then there are videos too! The Minecraft version of the original 2007 SHC animation by JackKnight921 which I posted last year. It's the biggest SHC fan production I've seen so far and it totally deserves another shoutout.

And there's SHC fanart speeddraw videos! These are from Nattaly Ara's Youtube channel.

And recently, a fan on Twitter/X who goes by the tag @kasekihorider did a Time Hero fanart.

Well I guess that's a wrap, for now. From all these fanart I can say Super Hero Clock actually became popular to some extent. For being an original indie experimental creation, I didn't expect the first episode to even get noticed or get such positive reception at all. After coming this far, I can't express how happy I am for how things turned out for SHC. I really appreciate all these fanart! For all the dedication put into them and undying support for Super Hero Clock, I thank YOU!