SHC Featured on Frederator's Cartoon Hangover!! Episode 1 Part 4 Progress

Posted on March 1, 2015

At the end of February 2015, The Frederator Network featured Super Hero Clock on one of its Cartoon Hangover Youtube Channel! Check it out:

Basically it's just a mashup of all 3 parts that have been released so far. But the thing about this that catches my attention is the comments that are left by those who watched this feature video. Most of them like the story but a lot of people didn't really like the artistic technicalities of the show. To them it looked amateurish.

Well, honestly and straightforwardly, I actually agree with them. Surprised? Let me tell you what. What they said is true because I did the raw animations for episode 1 way way back in 2010 WAY before I started freelancing. And at that time I was an amateur. So, no hard feelings whatsoever. In fact, I think that comment is rather spot-on. I'm not being sarcastic. I actually remember posting about episode 1 production and when the animation process started before somewhere on the internet (not sure if it was on Newgrounds...) but at that time SHC was still not popular and I guess that post didn't get any attention.

During the animation process in 2010, things looked way worse than what has currently been released, and it was because of that that it wasn't released then. When I decided to release it years later, I didn't decide to redo things because if I did, I'd practically be re-animating the whole episode and probably, there won't be a Super Hero Clock episode 1 part 1 on my channel right now. So I just tidied things up as much as I could and uploaded it.

So all in all, I don't feel offended to hear that people see SHC as a work of an amateur. On bright side, I'm actually glad that I didn't rush the production to release it in 2011, judging from the kind of comments SHC has for what it is right now.

Apart from that, well, people still think I'm a guy. This one just doesn't get old haha. XD I don't really know why people would just take for granted that I'm a guy without even the slightest inkling that it could be a girl that they are talking about. But when people find out or realize it, their reactions always seem priceless. lol

Of course, there are good comments too! Big thank you to Frederator for featuring Super Hero Clock!

As for Episode 1 part 4 progress, The tidy-up works are done and visual effects are now being worked on. If you guys want to check out work-in-progress stuff, you can go to my Pinterest profile here: and check out the Work in progress or Super Hero Clock Artwork boards. Or you can just check the facebook page: I'll occasionally post updates there. I really hope I can release the rest of the episode this year and probably even start making episode 2. :) At this point I just released the Japanese version of my genderbend Let It Go. Subscriber count is also increasing but it's still quite a long way till 150k subs. (If you're not sure why I'm talking about subs count read the previous post.) After a few more languages, it will be just me and Super Hero Clock....