SHC Continuation and 2014 Christmas Specials For My Youtube Channel!

Posted on December 4, 2014

I know lot of you fans out there are anticipating Super Hero Clock Episode 1 Part 4. Well, I was cleaning up the animation for part 4 a month ago and it got me thinking that despite the fact that Super Hero Clock has more publicity now and I really want to release the whole of episode 1, it is still unsure that it would be enough for this series. Unlike parodies, it is original and when it comes to releasing original content on Youtube, most of the time it wouldn't be much of a hype due to the unawareness factor. So after much pondering, I have decided to continue Super Hero Clock when my youtube channel has 150,000 subscribers or so. That way, subsequent Super Hero Clock releases would have, if not the least 150,000 views, more views than it usually got when it first started out.



Ok. Now that more people have watched Super Hero Clock, I could assume that it was only until recently that most of them discovered it. Before, hardly anyone knew about it.

If this is too long for you to read, click here to skip to the last paragraph of this edited part. Super Hero Clock started way back in 2007. It was first released as an animated short in conjunction with Clock Day on Back then, it had quite a positive reception. It got quite popular and had a lot of views. A lot of people who watched it wanted to see a series for it. I was happy with the reception but wasn't confident about the series. A series sounded like a good idea but it was overwhelming for an indie flash animator. I also had college to deal with back then so eventually the SHC hype died down to a dead silence over time.

After a few years, I changed my mind and decided to go for the series. Production started in mid 2010 and after about 5 months or so of software/hardware breakdowns, personal problems, crunchtime, whatnot, the raw animation was done but it didn't look as good as what it is on youtube now. I thought if I just finished it and released it then, it would have just sunk to the bottom of youtube's sea of videos because it looked lame and don't expect the people from the hype before to remember it after all those years. I wouldn't have earned any profits from it either. The whole production seemed like a total loss so I set it aside and decided to become a freelance animator instead hoping that one day I'd earn enough to resume the SHC series production.

2 years later, I collected some funds from all the freelancing work but it still wasn't enough. However, Youtube Partnership became available in my country and I managed to setup my channel so that I could earn from my videos. It gave me confidence to continue SHC and I got back into SHC production shortly.

After releasing the short teaser trailer (2012) and the first 3 parts of episode 1 (2013-2014), views were bleak. The first part had only 15,000 views and subsequent parts only had a few thousand. A few days after each upload there were little to no views. Everything just wasn't working out for the effort I put into this production. It was only after I released the Frozen Genderbend animation that SHC videos blew up with views and gained more publicity. So this time, to make sure that all the effort put into SHC doesn't go to waste, I will upload the next part when I have a considerable number of subscribers on my channel. That way, more people are more likely to watch it right when it's released.


In the meantime, it's December. It's that season again where people do crazy stuff because of the holiday spirit and the year is coming to an end. I have always thought of releasing something special for Christmas for my channel but it never happened. This time, I'm gonna do it. So this year, I will be releasing my Genderbend Let It Go animation in a few different languages. The versions will be released one by one depending on how fast they are prepared. In the end, they will all be available in this playlist on my channel:

Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Male Multi-language Versions

Enjoy and Happy Holidays! :)