Not Even A Christmas Wish But Super Hero Clock Episode 1 Part 5 Is Complete!

Posted on December 22, 2015

Let me start off with simple equations:
SHC ep1 Part 5 complete = SHC ep1 complete
SHC ep1 Part 5 = complete
∴ SHC episode 1 = complete

Those actually sum up the main part of this post but anyway, Super Hero Clock episode 1 part 5 is done. And with that said, it also means episode 1, and I mean the whole of episode 1, is complete. I never imagined I'd actually finish a 28-minute plus episode of my own original anime creation in my entire life. And on top of that I finished it during a Christmas season. (job done = best Christmas evar?)

So, part 5 was a little short but unlike western cartoons these days, I made the end credits scroll with the series theme song. Yes, A THEME SONG. The theme's title is "Kaigan no NEON". It took me quite a while to compose, mix and master the track. I admit it's not a perfect song/track because I'm not much of a musician, and there are no vocals. >_<

Anyway, moving on, it's only a few days away from Christmas and since episode 1 is done, I'm gonna take some time off and enjoy this holiday season for once this time. After that, I'll start working on episode 2 because my channel is currently picking up the pace with almost 140k subs. So I gotta keep the slack time short.

The SHC T-shirts will be up for sale next year. Sure is gonna be another busy year ahead!

One last thing... from now on, I'll be instantly publishing new Super Hero Clock episode videos for all Patrons over at my Patreon. Therefore, as a Patron, you'll be one of the first few people who get to watch new Super Hero Clock episode videos before anyone else exclusively on Patreon. To become a Patron, head on over to my Patreon page!

Till then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)