Super Hero Clock Part 5 Progress, Patreon Fundraising And T-shirts!

Posted on October 21, 2015

Man this is exciting! Well for me at least. Super Hero Clock episode 1 part 5 is in progress right now! This ending of episode 1 is just a short part so I hope I can finish it quickly and start episode 2. In the meantime, if you guys don't already know, I actually have a Patreon page set up to fundraise for my Youtube channel. It's here:
I know a lot of independent animation projects and webseries out there have set up fundraising campaigns like this to collect budget. Mine has been active for quite a while now. This one is for my overall channel which means if you pledge, you are actually fundraising for the Super Hero Clock series in a way. Feel free to check it out!

Also, I've been thinking for quite a while now about having Super Hero Clock T-shirt merchandise on sale but not sure if you guys would want it so I've made a poll about Super Hero Clock T-shirts! Poll results will determine what will happen next. Please vote in the poll below to let me know your opinion! If the poll doesn't work somehow, click this link:

EDIT: I've come up with some designs for the T-shirts! Pretty simple but I think it would look good on a fan. I'd probably come up with more designs later on. As for the price, it would be around $19.97 per shirt. Let me know what you guys think!

Been working on a couple of Super Hero Clock T-shirt designs. Which one do you like? Top one, bottom one or both? Let me know! #tshirt #design

Posted by Super Hero Clock onĀ Monday, December 7, 2015