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Starting The New Year With Episode 2 And T-shirts Now On Sale!

Starting off the new year with Super Hero Clock episode 2 and t-shirt sales! Happy New Year everyone! And boy is this gonna be another long, year! (Well I know every year has the same number of days but... y'know what I mean) S...

Created on January 4, 2016

Super Hero Clock Part 5 Progress, Patreon Fundraising And T-shirts!

SUper Hero Clock episode 1 Part 5 is in progress! Fund this webseries through Patreon and T-shirts! Man this is exciting! Well for me at least. Super Hero Clock episode 1 part 5 is in progress right now! This ending of episode 1 is just a short part...

Created on October 21, 2015

SHC Episode One Looking Pretty Good but Not Making the End of April Release

 Production has never been this great since its raw animation was completed about 3 years ago. According to the author/animator/producer, everything is ...

Created on April 22, 2013

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