Yikes! Haven't Posted In Awhile! Some More Episode 2 Updates And Animation Tournament!

Posted on April 20, 2017

OMG Half of April is gone and I haven't posted a word about anything that's has been going on! It's because A LOT has been going on!

Well, first of all, an update on episode 2 part 3 progress: I've finished the animation (like more than a month ago?), backgrounds, sound effects and even the scoring! Shading work is currently in progress. After that would be video editing and then episode 2 part 3 will be as good as done!
However, progress would be a bit delayed as my workplace had to be suddenly restructured around the second week of April. I couldn't work properly (or should I say at all) for a few days. If it wasn't for the untimely restructure, I would be able to finish ep2 p3 by the end of April, which I was really hoping for. :/

Another thing that has happened is, I applied to join the Dojo Duels Tournament at HyunsDojo.com and I've been picked as one of the 16 competing contestants! The tournament is basically an animation tournament where animators "battle" each other in animation. The animator who can produce better animation wins. There are rules of course. The tournament will begin on 28 April so gotta prep up!

That's about it I guess. Judging from all the above I proly won't be posting on this site in a while. :P But I'll still post WIPs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so be sure to follow SHC there! Also, episode 2 part 3 will be emailed right to you if you have joined the SHC Fan Club.

Till next time, here's Marty's geek room.