Time Havoc VS Cohle - Dojo Duel Tournament 2017 Round 2 Entry!

Posted on July 9, 2017

It's July and Round 2 of the Dojo Duel Tournament has closed. Here's my entry:
As usual, there will be a 1-week break during the judgement phase. I really REALLY hope I can finish SHC episode 2 part 3 within this short time frame. From the current status of the tournament, there will definitely be a round 3 for me and it isn't gonna be easy that's for sure. So I gotta get to work real quick, finish it and then prep up for the next round. Laters!

I managed to wrap up SHC ep2 p3 and have released it on Patreon. So if you're a Patron, be sure to check your notifications. As for the SHC Fan Club members, I'll be emailing you guys the link later on. Back to prepping up for the tournament.