The Super Hero Clock Story And Pusheen's Valentine

Posted on February 20, 2019

After the HTTYD anime video I was really looking forward and excited about continuing the SHC series story and maybe write another episode or two, and maybe even start working on episode 3.
But then, it was late December. It was the regular year-end holiday season with big holidays like New Year's Day, Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day happening in a row from then until mid February. Out of these holidays, one of them has been on my watch for years - Valentine's Day.
I've always wanted to do a Valentine's day video but had not been able to come up with a suitable story for a Valentine's Day animation. I even thought of a romantic spin-off of the story of St. Valentine and how Valentine's Day started back in the day but I did not go with that because I had doubts about that one. It was kinda a meh-ish lame anime imo tbh. However, this Valentine's, I finally came up with (or could I say found) the perfect Valentine's Day story for the occasion - Pusheen's Valentine.
I know it doesn't sound epic or cool or anything, and you might think it's childish, but it was the perfect idea, I think, because Pusheen is an adorable figure and I found out that people do get Pusheen merchandise as Valentine's Day gifts. That was when I decided that my Valentine's Day special animation would be about Pusheen the Cat's Valentine.
Valentine's only happens once a year. It was either now or wait for another year. I went with the former and the next one and half months was officially the first animation crunch time of 2019, which explains why there is still no new Super Hero Clock stuff. However, while animating Pusheen's Valentine, I snuck in some shades of SHC characters in the Pusheen world. If you guys have watched the video and know the SHC characters, you might have noticed them.
SHC character cameos

Honestly, I did that because I was too lazy to come up with custom character designs for the humans in the video which were not a crucial part of it. Besides, it just feels unfair for the SHC fans that there hasn't been any substantial new SHC stuff since episode 2. So yea. I'm just doing a Pusheen fan animation. Why not?

And hey I even did a wardrobe cameo! (You'll only notice if you've watched SHC episode 2 tho.)
SHC character cameos

So now that those holidays are done for the year, (hopefully) I can sit down and work on the Super Hero Clock story. It's gonna be a good relief from working on the past two fan animations because there will be no round animals or dragons that behave like dogs. Personally, I'm much more comfortable with human designs and the anime genre.
While I continue the SHC story, enjoy the cuteness! =^● ω ●^=

Oh and by the way, if you've read my previous blog post or have completely missed, I published this on Youtube during Christmas. Check it.