Super Hero Clock Reception, The Genderbend Filler and Part 4 updates

Posted on July 14, 2014

The filler animation is finally done. It's "Let it Go" genderbent! That's right, Disney's Frozen Let it Go. This filler animation is by far the hardest animation project I've done. Crunchtime was hell but I'm glad I was able to pull through. Apart from that I'm grateful to Nate Smith for the ever awesome rock cover of Let it Go, and juliajm15 and dorodraws for the wonderful male Elsa designs. More info in the video description.

But what's better is that this filler animation successfully expanded my youtube channel and in the process, it boosted Super Hero Clock's publicity a lot. On top of that feedback from new viewers were positive so the series is most likely to continue.

However, SHC episode 1 part 4 won't be released soon on my youtube channel as I have a couple of freelance projects to finish up. Further updates on part 4 will be posted here on this site.

Also, my Patreon fundraising campaign is still going on so if you like you can further support my animations there!