Super Hero Clock Episode 1 Screenshots and Other Artworks

Posted on December 23, 2012

It's 15 August and it's Clock Day! Courtesy of the Clock Crew that contributed part of the idea of Super Hero Clock I've decided to release some screenshots of episode 1 and artwork on Clock Day! I'll also be giving a brief description about episode 1. It's not gonna be a spoiler so don't worry.

Well, the title of Super Hero Clock episode 1 is Time Hero and basically it's a sequel of the original animation where Time Hero appears to stop a burglary and gets sighted by Rozella Blue, the girl in pink. In this episode, Tick Bender, who is the main character, still doesn't know that he's the Time Hero.

Tick looks at his clock

As usual, Tick unknowingly transforms into the Time Hero and safes the day again. He only encounters weird things happening to him but only realizes them in later episodes. As the series goes, he slowly learns to control his true powers.

Time Hero

Of course there won't be just the super hero, damsel and crime. There will be more new characters and settings. So the first episode basically contains brief introductions of these new elements of Super Hero Clock. The new settings include the Brinburr Gallery and the Time Outers' cafe. As for the characters, there isRichie Brinburr and a bunch of side characters that include Denver, Daron and Faith.

Rozella at the Brinburr Gallery

When there's a super hero, there's always a super villain. If not, there won't be a need for a super hero, right? The super villain also debuts in episode 1. He goes by the name of Crimson Cade and is under the orders of his master, the Liege, to infiltrate Tick's dimension. There isn't an official profile of him yet so as a brief description, he wears a dark trench coat and has red hair. His powers mostly come from his gadgets given to him by the Liege.

Crimson Cade

So that's about it for a brief description of Super Hero Clock episode 1. And by the way, for those who want to help out with project Super Hero Clock as a background or audio artist or anything you think you can to provide assistance just email me at or you can kindly place a donation for the project at To wrap this up here are 2 Super Hero Clock artworks that I've done, which are also available at Deviantart.

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