SHC Part 3, Site and Publishing Updates and the Animator's Club

Posted on November 12, 2013

Super Hero Clock episode 1 part 2 has been up on Youtube for a while now. Now it's also up on:

Deviant Art

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Super Hero Clock ep1 p1 cover    Super Hero Clock ep1 p2 cover

Moving on, production for part 3 has already started. Its release date is still not available at the moment but when it is, it will be announced right here on the Super Hero Clock official website. So to get the latest updates on episode releases, make sure to subscribe to the SHC rss feed or Jess the Dragoon on Youtube. Fans will be kept posted.

Speaking of the SHC official website, it now has been updated with more information and stuff about Super Hero Clock! All the available episodes are listed on the Episodes section in order. Check out the new About section for information about the author, the series and how Super Hero Clock all started. Besides that, there is also a new section containing other SHC stuff like videos and artwork done in the past. More site updates coming soon.

Sidetracking from SHC, there is also a forum thread posted on the Newgrounds forum to gather animators, mainly from Newgrounds, for an Animator's Club. The purpose of the club is to get animators together so that collaborators and people who are looking for animators can easily find them. So if you are an animator, 2d or 3d doesn't matter, you can simply join by posting your animator details on that forum thread. It's free. Details on how to post are available on the thread.