SHC Episode 2 Part 4 Is Out On Patreon And Part 3 For SHC Fan Club Members!

Posted on April 12, 2018

Wow it's really hard to blog-post these days! There's hardly any spare time for me to type updates and stuff here while dealing with animation work and a whole bunch of sh*t problems in life.

But anyway, if you are a Patreon, SHC episode 2 part 4 is already done! And if you are an SHC Fan Club member, you should have already received the link to watch episode 2 part 3! So be sure to check your emails guys.

Episode 2 part 5
With that set aside, episode 2 is only one part away from conclusion - part 5. Like episode 1 part 5, it's gonna be a short one. If you guys have watched episode 2 part 4, the next part will be a follow-up of the showdown in part 4 ... and of course, a conclusion to the whole episode. If everything goes well, I will start working on ep 2 part 5 in a few week's time or probably even sooner. I'm actually quite excited to finish this episode and can't wait to start working on part 5 because when it is finished, I will have 10 episode parts of Super Hero Clock! Yay!!

Welp, that's a quick update for ya'll! I'm gonna go rest up and get ready for part 5!