SHC Episode 1 Part 4 Updates And New Artwork Gallery And Other Animation Projects

Posted on October 9, 2014

So these few months, I've been tending to freelance projects which are now pretty much done. Yay! So I'm back working on Super Hero Clock while trying to get more rest and sun to replenish energy. I know we are all in a Halloween spirit this October but sadly I have to pass this year although I have an idea for a special extra spooky totally creepy Halloween animation that anyone can never unsee. Well, maybe next year.

Anyway, I've created a Pinterest board for Super Hero Clock artwork and embedded it here on this website. The artworks on this board are still available on DeviantArt but for easy-embedding and sharing purposes, I decided to use Pinterest.

Besides that, about the freelance work, I was actually doing music videos. One of them is a music video for a new song by Demers Brothers, Jimmy and Donnie Demers, and Terry Coffey called "Just Because". Here it is! Enjoy!

Other than that, I was thinking of making my Disney Frozen Genderbend Let It Go animation into a few languages. By "a few" I don't mean 25 languages. It would depend on how many suitable vocalists I can find out there, one vocalist for each language except English. So it is going to be an unofficial audition for all the male vocalist all over the world. If you can sing it and covered it before in your language, just message your link to your cover at Jess the Dragoon Facebook page

So until next time, Happy Halloween in advance!