Release Dates and Episode 1 Casts

Posted on March 29, 2013

Last December, Super Hero Clock made another appearance with a teaser trailer with a message that the webisode series will be coming soon. According to the author, the first episode might be released at the end of April 2013 if final phases of this indie production go smoothly. However, if it isn't able to make it until then, the release date would be delayed further but no later than August this year.

Super Hero Clock first started as a short flash-animated silent film. Episode 1 contrasts its original debut by having a longer more complex storyline and more characters which are voiced. The cast consists of various talented voice over artists from popular internet voice acting communities.

Episode 1 Casts:
Chris Zambelis (SeiyruRenaih)
Kira Buckland (Rina-Chan)
Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto)
Zach Holzman (Apatheria)
Steven Kelly (Sarifus)
Danielle McRae
Matt Shipman (BloodRedOath)
Xander Mobus (Motly Fool)
Rob Reilly (Son23)
Cathrine Luciani (fmaluvr13)

There has been much progress since the teaser and it looks "almost complete", according to the author.
Time Hero opens portals
The bad guys

Words from the author:
This animation has been sitting around my hard drive for about 3 years now. Why not just release it.