Progress VS Subscriber Count - Super Hero Clock Episode 1 part 4 Complete!

Posted on September 25, 2015

Alright! Jess the Dragoon Youtube channel is now at 127,848 and Super Hero Clock Episode 1 part 4 is COMPLETE! Which means the tight competition between subscriber count and SHC development progress has quite loosened up! So while there is still a considerable number of subs to go, part 4 can be in line for release. Every time when I finish a video I'm always exhausted but this time, I'm not just exhausted because I'm also all pumped up and ready to finish the next one. After a quick break with some recreation and Mid-Autumn mooncakes (and maybe also some movie marathons), part 5 here I come! So are you super excited? Because I'm super excited!

Speaking of part 5, if any one you guys are curious, here's what: Part 5 has already been leaked out a few years ago. If you just knew about Super Hero Clock now, then you probably might not notice. But if you've been following it since the web series debut on Newgrounds or the teaser trailer release or probably even before those, you probably have seen bits of part 5. Anyway, if you're really eager to know what part 5 is about, it's just a wrap-up of episode 1 (like a tv episode's ending followed by end credits plus theme song kinda thing). So if you believe bits of part 5 is truly already out there and want to see them, you can search this website, my Deviantart or Pinterest for screenshots of it or watch the SHC videos again. I'm sure you'll find them.

One last thing: I have set up a fundraising page on Patreon here:
So if you'd like to support SHC or just support me making animation videos for my channel, feel free to check it out!