Good to be back! Enter the world of SHC

Posted on December 23, 2012

I don't remember when it was the last time I had a good time thinking about a solid story for Super Hero Clock. A lot have been on my mind to make this story a really in-depth exciting tale but I've never got the time to piece everything up properly. Well, after a long deviation from this toward freelance animation work, I decided to get back on the road and start driving from where I stopped. This could be a good way to spend my time away from animation for a while.

"Too much of something is not good." - Mr. Han, The Karate Kid 2010

So far, I've written 9 character profiles. Most of them can be found at the characters arq. If life permits, I will gradually post new character profiles there. Out of the nine, 5 are villains. I started off writing about them first because the thought of not having villains in a super hero story seemed awkwardly one-sided and living it as is over time slowly makes me feel pointless about the whole story. Now that there are villains, I've managed to get something off my chest.

As for the good guys, especially Tick, Rozella and Richie because they play important roles in the story. The stories behind their characters are rather deep. Writing about them is exciting and although it overwhelms me to find that I've spent hours developing their characters, it just nothing compared to the excitement in doing it.


Besides characters, there are settings to write for the story, Basically, at first, the whole story focuses on Newward City, the Brinburr Gallery and a few other dwellings of the characters. Newward City is a New York-Manhattan-ish, so to speak, with tall buildings and urban western culture. The Brinburr Gallery is located within Newward City.

Besides all that, I'm also gonna write one part about the concept of Time, Space and Dimensions. Well obviously the Time Hero has the power to control time and warp through space so there has to be some explanation for it or at least a logic behind it, right? Honestly, this is so far the most challenging part to write for this story. It's like writing a complicated thesis of something so plausible and at the same time, twisting it to be the core of a and exciting fiction. For me to even feel that way, I hope I can nicely wrap up that part as soon as I can.

Well I guess I've lots more to do. Sure feels great to be back working on Super Hero Clock again!