Episode 2 Part 2 Screenshots! Thoughts About Pokemon GO And Making A Video About It

Posted on September 10, 2016

August was the Olympics. September is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Which means.... MOONCAKES!!!
But anyway, I expected that I could finish part 2 in August (in a month) but I spent time watching the Olympics and at the end of August, I ran into a problem with the background. It's all fixed now and below are some screenshots! There are still a few more backgrounds to work on and after that I'll proceed with shading and stuff.

Since July this year, there has been a crazy fad about Pokemon GO. I heard that people all over the world, young or old, are playing it all around the clock, almost every single day. Ever since then, Youtube has been loaded with tons and tons of gameplay/let's play/fanimation etc... videos about Pokemon GO. Because of that some people, and even my brother, suggested that I did a Pokemon GO video for my Youtube channel. Well, to me Pokemon is great, especially the 1st and 2nd generation. I remember being a huge Pokefan back in the years between 1999-2001 where I played Pokemon Gold/Silver and Pokemon Pinball on the Gameboy Color emulator. Over the years after that, Pokemon got less and less popular. And then fast forward until this year, there is Pokemon GO. Although I consider myself an adult and Pokemon games are meant for kids, my brother and I thought we would wanna try it out a bit when we were free - since we were both Pokemon fans. My first impression was the game looked really beautiful. Each pokemon was rendered in 3D which made every single one of them come to life and I bet that was every pokefan's wish. However, the gameplay was a lot different from other Pokemon games. Unlike the original RPGs which have its own map, Pokemon GO uses real-life locations as its map, and you move your character in the game around the map to catch Pokemon by moving yourself in real life.

Everyone's thought of it at first would definitely be like "Wow cool.." but to me, I think it is smart of Niantic but completely foolish of players/users from a practical point of view. People are willing to drive a car to a far location at 3am in the morning, or stay under the rain waiting at a spot just to what? Catch a Charmander? Or maybe to level up/power up pokemon to beat a Gym. But after you beat a Gym or have caught your pokemon then... what? If it's for nothing but that then all that time and effort it just for... that?

Well I'm not trying to be utterly negative about Pokemon GO but it's just not a practical thing in life (and probably not fun to play after you can't seem to catch your favorite rare pokemon or reach level 20 when leveling up seems almost impossible). If you are someone who has ample free time, don't really have a home and don't need to sleep, then it could be practical for you. But for normal average people it could be a detriment to life. I've heard people quitting their jobs just to play, people trespassing just to catch a type of pokemon, people playing and driving (very common) and deaths due to playing this game.

Personally, I don't feel like playing that game anymore. My brother and I have caught a bunch of pokemon but have gotten frustrated and are fed up over the process of playing it. I could go on talking about Pokemon GO because I've realized so much about this game but this is a Super Hero Clock blog. The idea of making a Pokemon GO-related video is a good one because it's a fad but part of me is still reluctant to do that. SHC Episode 2 part 2 is coming out really well and I want to finish it and move on to the next part. Maybe I'll just stall the Pokemon GO video while I work on SHC.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!